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Who We Are

Registered in 2018, Blue Ocktopus made an early mark in Maharashtra's SME Retail Space.

A young, vibrant and fast-growing SAAS-based Loyalty Technology Firm working with retailers. At the Loyalty Co, we service and help manage programs across retail categories. From daily needs retailers to high-end aspirational product retailers, we service them all. Our proprietary loyalty and engagement program is used by many well-knowns in the Western India. Apart from a robust technology platform, our domain experts bring a lot of science and art in managing Customer Programs.


An initial conversation with you to understand your objectives and how a tech-enabled program can help to achieve them


Our team of experts will design a program construct based on your requirements and objectives and discuss it in detail. Design changes will be done at this stage


Deploy the solution at front-end to enable usage & provide relevant Training to ensure seamless working

How it benefits your clients

Offer peace of mind
to your clients

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“Great work, exactly what I needed. Very happy with the finished product. Blue Ocktopus and the team did an amazing job!”

John Haines,
Industry Expert and Mycologist

Services we provide

Blue Ocktopus uses the most trusted
Saas technologies service providers in India

Retail Loyalty

Our platform is meant for RETAILERS across categories to create Proprietary Loyalty & Customer Engagement Programs. The Platform helps drive repeat purchases and increase spends by creating brand advocates.

Channel Programs

Our platform is also used by Manufacturers / Distributors to create a loyalty program for their channels like Retailers, Agents, Influencers, etc. The program helps not only in driving transactions but also aims at achieving behavior objectives.

Employee RnR Programs

Organizations use our platform to create employee incentive programs. The incentive program is dynamic and flexible and gives the power in the employees hands to choose their own reward.

Analytics & Campaign Management

Our Campaign Management tool is a customizable, flexible & easily configurable tool to create on-the-fly campaigns. Various combinations can be created from simple generic campaigns to complex campaigns with multiple complex filters.

Social Media Marketing

Our objective from Social Marketing is to get you new customers, rather than plain simple “LIKES”. Social platform’s users are converted into loyalty members and finally into transacting customers. So, if you want a Social Media Strategy which is not about pretty pictures, you should reach out to us. Our Social also means Business!

Integrated Customer Engagement

Customer is ONE, whether he is a one-time buyer, regular customer or a social user browsing social sites. We all need a mix of new and existing customers and that’s exactly how we function. We integrate Loyalty Technology and Social Channels to acquire new members & create programs towards members to drive repeat purchases and increased spends
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